About Us

Welcome to Al Zarouni Group – Al Zarouni is one of the most respected names in the GCC and represents the collective business interests of the Al Zarouni family today, the Group operates through 50 individual business units spanning 15 diverse market segments in association with many of the world’s leading Companies.Al Zarouni strives to lead the way in all market segments and continues to reflect the growth and development of the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) and the Middle East. Over the years, Al Zarouni has firmly established “A Middle East Presence with an International Reputation”.

Al Zarouni group of companies is a conglomerate in the U.A.E. with expertise ranging from Multi Trading to organic solutions for water treatment.

M/s UFS Aqua Solutions – UFS AQUA SOLUTIONS Dubai are the sole marketing Agents for inorganic Herbal based sewage water treatment products researched and manufactured by Eco-Health pvt ltd ,a company pioneering in Research and development of  Eco-friendly technology that makes use of herbal extracts and organic solvents and blending agents to treat Sewage and various forms of industrial effluents and converting them in to water fit for reuse for UAE and The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

This revolutionary water treatment product range that will convert sewage to portable water, eliminate harmful inorganic bactericidal like Chlorine and Chlorine based products which has very harmful side effects.

The extensive range of Inorganic herbal products suited to treat Sewage water,to reduce PH value from acidic waste water,to separate and sediment suspended and dissolved  inorganic solids from industrial wastes, to remove contaminants from industrial waste water and contaminated fresh water, to descale turbines, boilers,cooling towers chilling units,, products that can be effectively used in swimming pools and aqua parks to eliminate Algae from pools ponds and eliminating and killing dangerous bacteria like E-Coli, Legionella and Salmonella.

Besides the above there are organic products for Agricultural use,Ecological and Environmental purpose.Our Vision is to create green Eco-prints with highly potent organic herbal products in UAE and Saudi Arabia which has absolutely no side effects through Eco-tech process and make the Emirates and Saudi Arabia Clean by creating wealth from waste with harmless organic herbal products.

UFS Aqua Solutions is a progressive Aquatech company that aims to create Green Eco prints in UAE and Saudi Arabia . Situated in Dubai UFS Aqua Solutions are ideally placed to serve its vast clientele base to enable them to create wealth from waste with harmless organic herbal products .



  • M/s Jumeira Transport – is a 100% local orient unit, Established in the year 2002, with a mission to offer a wide range of Transport Services.   (All kinds of heavy and light Vehicle transportation in UAE).
  • M/s Fair exhibition Organizers – Organizing all kinds of exhibitions, conferences and events in UAE.  We have and are organizing all kinds of Exhibitions. FEO (Fair exhibition organization) uses its resources to monitor industry trends, compile accurate and relevant databases of key people in each market, make the most of joint marketing opportunities across the group, and to develop international sales contacts. Our events offer the very best environment in which to do business, meet new and existing clients and present new products and services to the market place. Comprehensive conferences, workshops and keynote sessions provide delegates and visitors with valuable information and opinion from leading market figures. We are one of the leading firms in U.A.E. that specializes in Stand Design, Stand Construction, Chalets, Trade Pavilions, Fixtures rental and Exhibition services. We have Octonorm Modular Aluminum System, which is acclaimed as the best for construction of exhibition stand to International standards. The system combines flexibility, capabilities and versatility to provide a cost, effective solution to display needs. Octonorm System using 4mm Panels. We can also Design & Execute custom made stands as per the requirements of the exhibitors.Our Specialties – Exhibition & events related services, organizing trade shows, conferences, seminars etc., Stand Construction & Design, Renting Exhibition Equipment”s, Exhibition & Events solutions provider, Exhibition Licensing.
  • M/s Gulf Fair Exhibition Organizers and Publishing  Riyadh Saudi Arabia – is Organizing all kinds of exhibition conferences and events in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA.) and publishes Aviation, Airports, Cargo related magazines.
  • M/s Al Maskan Real Estate – is one of the GCC leading property investment and asset managers. Under the strategic management of the holding in GCC branches are locally responsible for the operative management in their market regions. Through this, Al maskan Real Estate is able to secure its long term local presence in the key markets of the future. The goal hereby is the development and management of a globally diversified and centrally managed real estate portfolio on behalf of the Al maskan Real Estate(We are buying, managing, maintaining selling Hiring, leasing renting properties in UAE market.)
  • M/s Eagle Wing Electro Mechanical Works – We are undertaking all kinds of electrical, electro mechanical and fire alarm installation contract works.
  • M/s Al Maskan Décor plaster &  Tiles contracting –we will do all kinds of interior decoration including tiles, gypsum part ion, flooring and ceiling works.
  • M/s Swar Gold –We will design all kinds of gold jewelries as per the orders from the customers. From last 10 years people have relied on Swar gold for their jewelers needs. We offer a wide range of choice in fashionable jewelers, modern  as well as traditional & ethnic, coupled with the highest standards of purity and service. We are a regional leader in GCC today, because we have sustained our customers trust and exceeded their expectations throughout our history.
  • M/s Jumeira Business Men Services – We are Provides following services: –
    • Establishment New Companies
    • Investor License Management
    • Legal Advisers
    • Document Clearing (Immigration, Labor, Economic Department, Chamber of Commerce, Municipality Works)
    • We will provide sponsorship for all kinds of legal business.
    • We provide adding partners to cancel partner. Cancellation of all types of LLC, all types of companies.
    • Traffic Management, all types of Documents works
    • Power of Attorney General, Power of attorney Limited
  • M/s Seoul furniture industries – provides upholstery for all types of furniture like chairs, tables, sofas, cushions etc.
  • M/s Niagra – Provides all kind of furniture like table, chairs, sofas, wall fittings for Offices, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Apartments, Villas etc.
  • M/s Dar Al Yaqeen Technical Contracting – Provides end to end solution for all contracting works.



1) M/s UFS Aqua Solutions, Saudi Office – UFS AQUA SOLUTIONS – RIYADH

2) M/s Jumeira Transport

3) M/s Fair exhibition Organizers

4) M/s Gulf Fair Exhibition Organizers and Publishing  Riyadh Saudi Arabia

5) M/s Al Maskan Real Estate

6) M/s Eagle Wing Electro Mechanical Works

7) M/s Al Maskan Décor plaster &  Tiles Contracting

8) M/s Swar Gold

9) M/s Jumeira business men Services

10) M/s Seoul furniture industries

11) M/s Niagra

12) M/s Dar Al-Yaqeen Technical Contracting